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NU-Connect is a fully automated system of innovative share e-bikes, designed especially for public use. The e-bikes can be taken and returned at several locations and at flexible times. Ideal for short trips in the city, for commuting and in combination with public transport.

NU-Connect is a mobility solution by De Boom en het Meer, ideal for urban areas and business districts. In Januari 2015 Industrievereniging Lage Weide in Utrecht was the first to launch the Nu-Connect share e-bike system in the Netherlands. The first dockingstation in Maarssen followed Oktober 2016. In 2017 and 2018, Nu-Connect expanded to business district De Wetering, Merwedekanaalzone and the Kanaleneiland business area. 

Nu-Connect uses innovative e-bikes with a tablet on the handlebars with navigation.

De Boom en het Meer informs and encourages companies in the process towards a more sustainable mobility. Since 2012 De Boom en het Meer is a supplier of share e-bike solutions and mobility services for business districts and urban areas. 

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