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Company Account

A Company Account is an account for companies/larger groups/etc. that wants to include a larger range of sub-users under the same credit card and one joint liability. The Company Cardholder has acces to all account and payment information and can add or delete new subusers.

This is how you sign up for a Company Account:

  1. Sign up as Company Cardholder. The Company Cardholder will be the super-user and the company’s payment cardholder.
  2. Insert the Company payment card details when creating Company Cardholder account – all sub-users/employees will run on this payment card.
  3. Send us an email with the request for a Company Account.
  4. Having recieved the request, Nu-Connect will ask for further information and then create the Company Account.
  5. When approved, the Company Cardholder recieves the login information, which provides access to the Company Account through the webinterface after login.
  6. Now the Company Cardholder can add new users to the system, see an overview of invoices and trips users made.


For more information see Company How to

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