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Company How to

This page will give you a detailed step-by-step on how to register as a company. It also gives a brief insight into the system elements available when been approved for a company account.

Company How to

1. Sign up as Company Cardholder, by inserting the relevant information asked. The Company Cardholder:

  • Will be super-user of the system
  • Will be the only one with access to the payment card information.
  • Will have to perform the initial setup to create a company account.
  • Will be able to perform all tasks in relation to handling the account e.g. adding new users.
  • Will not be able to use the bikes via this account. Has to be added as user of the system to use the bikes.

2. Insert the Company payment card details when creating Company Cardholder account

  • All users/employees will run on this payment card.

3. Make a Company Request through the Company Cardholder account by inserting the needed information about the company.

4. Await approval/rejection of company request from the provider.

  • The status of the request is seen on the company request page on the Company Cardholder account.
  • When approved or rejected the Company Cardholder will receive an email about this and the status will be updated on the company request page.

5. When approved, the Company Cardholder has access to the company account from the Company Cardholder account.

6. The Company Cardholder can announce an administrator to the system, who will have the same access as the Company Cardholder, besides handling credit cards.



You can add users to the system in two ways:

1. By quick adding information about the user.

2. By importing a csv file with information about all users.

When you have added users it is possible to upgrade one or more to become administrator. For more information about user roles, see User Role Explanation.



The system will create an overview of the trips done by the users in the system.



On the invoice page it is possible to find all invoices related to the use of the system and to see the status of the individual invoice.