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 Om Cyklen EN

Om Saddel  

Adjustable seat
The seat is comfortable and adjustable with a handle that controls the gas lift. Pull the lever while sitting on the seat in order to lower the seat height.

Om Tablet  

The touch screen tablet with built-in GPS is weather resistant, and reports back to the Nu-Connect system every minute of the day. The tablet has built-in navigation. Choose your destination and follow the turn-by-turn instructions on the tablet.

 Om Batteri  

The battery is a 37 V 10.000 mA lithium-ion battery. A fully charged battery provides assistance for 25-45 kilometers, depending on terrain, temperature and e-bike assistance level.

 Om Baggage  

Luggage Rack
The front luggage rack can carry up to 15 kilos and secures the luggage with a spring.

 Om LAAS  

The lock is much like an ordinary frame mounted bike lock, but it communicates with the tablet, and only unlocks with the correct username and pin code. Locking the e-bike is done by hand.

 Om Lys  

LED Lights
The Built-in lights are placed under the front luggage rack, and automatically turn on when the bike is being used.

 Om Belt  

Belt drive
The belt is similar in strength and durability to the belts used on motorcycles. It is silent and practically maintenance free.

 Om Frame   Frame
The frame is built in aluminum with internal cable routing for lower maintenance. The frame is very robust and especially designed for public use.
 Om Daek  

Puncture free tires
The puncture-free tires are filled with a foam that makes the bike comfortable to ride, but without risking a puncture. The tires do not have a tire valve.

 Om Motor  

Electric motor & assistance
The electric motor is a 250 Watt motor, placed on the front wheel. It provides assistance up to 24 km/hour, and automatically switches off when the brakes are in use. There are three assistance levels. Level 2 is the standard setting.

Level 1 and 2 provide a lower assistance, but use less energy. For longer distances the lower assistance levels are recommended.