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Are there any costs associated with the use of the e-bike?
For employees of the participating companies at Lage Weide rides are free of charge during the pilot period.
I want to take the e-bike home in the evening. Are there any costs involved?
You can use the e-bike for free for up to 16 hours. Due to the energy consumption, it is not possible to use the e-bike for longer periods. Furthermore, use of the e-bikes for commuting has the following restrictions: maximum assistancelevel is 2 and the distance (one-way trip) isn't more than 5 to 8 km. In the morning you return the e-bike back into a dockingstation. Be sure to lock the e-bike at home, simply by following the instructions on the tablet.
Will I be charged if I do not return the e-bike into a dockingstation?
You must return the e-bike into a dockingstation. Otherwise De Boom en het Meer wil charge you for collecting and replacing the e-bike. Click here for an overview of the costs that are applicable. Please note: If a dockingstation is full, you can leave your e-bike next to the dockingstation and end your trip there (without extra costs).
Is there a deposit fee?
A security deposit of €100,- applies when you register a credit card. The deposit will be lifted automatically. This may, depending on your credit card company, take a few days.
I have no credit card. Can I still use the Nu-Connect e-bikes?
It may be possible to use a company credit card. Please send us an email at, if you don't have a credit card. Please send us your name, address, company name and mobile phone number. When your company has taken care of the validation, the corporate credit card is used to book the deposit of €100.