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(Please note: we are working on the subscription options at the moment. If you want to subscribe and something is not working, please contact us via e-mail). 

Starting July 2019, Nu-Connect offers three subscription options. If want to know more about the option of a Company subscription, please contact us and we will tell you all about the possibilities.  


The deposit for creating a Nu-Connect account is € 100. This amount is a reservation on your credit card that will automatically be canceled after a few days.


1. Pay as you go (pay per trip) | €0,00 /month

A short ride through the city? Travel smart, fast and easy on the electric share bikes with the 'Pay as you go' option.

Pricetag 1 1 Payasyougo En


2. Personal subscription (incl. 200 minutes per month) | €16,-/month

Do you ride a Nu-Connect e-bike every day to work, to a customer or to a remote location? Then choose a Personal subscription, including 200 free minutes per month.

Pricetag 2 1 Personal En

3. Business park member:

Are you an employee working on business park De Wetering - Haarrijn or Business Eiland Utrecht? Then choose this option.

 Pricetag 3 1 Companyfree En