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3. Business park member

For employees of business parks De Wetering - Haarrijn and Business Eiland Utrecht rides are free. You can use the bikes up to 16 hours.

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Register with your business e-mail address

Please note, if you choose this subscription, you cannot use Nu-Connect directly. We first check your registration (you must confirm your registration with an e-mail address of a company that is located at De Wetering - Haarrijn or Business Eiland Utrecht). If you want to start riding immediately, please use one of the other subscriptions.

For additional services, such as returning an e-bike by Nu-Connect after a user has not done so, we may charge costs.

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Costs per ride (16 hours use max.) €0,-
Subscription costs €0,-
Book a bike €0,-
Fines / extra costs  
Trip longer than 16 hours €100,- a day
Return a bike next to a dockingstation with free places available €7,-

Return a bike outside and not near a dockingstation

Return a bike outside Utrecht/Maarssen and/or leave a bike unattended All costs of returning the bike