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FAQ: extra costs

You can ride anywhere in the Utrecht region on the bike, as long as you return it to a docking station. If a docking station is full of bikes, you can return the bike right next to the docking station free of charge, if you make sure the bike is properly locked.

If a bike is returned at a docking station with free spaces, but still placed next to the docking points, it costs €7.

If a bike is returned outside the docking station areas, but somewhere on Lage Weide and otherwise locked correctly, the charge is €25.

If a bike is left unlocked and unreturned outside Lage Weide, and Nu-Connect needs to go pick it up, Nu-Connect charges all the costs for this.

It is allowed to use the e-bikes for commuting, as long as you return the e-bike within eighteen hours in one of the docking stations of Lageweide. You can lock the bike at home. For this, no fee will be charged.